Quite a few people have asked me not to delete it and I really don't know what to do :/ because as Rosie said, this blog really does have good memories and my very final decision is to just leave this blog as it is. Writers you may choose to keep on writing if you would like to but I just think that it should be left by itself to... I don't know /: just leave it in peace I suppose. Some people have asked about whether I should sell it but I think that selling is a bit unfair as the 'Stardollars' or whatever currency and items involved probably won't be going to Maura as she hardly goes on and given to me and I just don't think I deserve those items. But anyways, until next time...

NessisaMess/ Vanessa <3


Bye :')

Hi  everyone (:

Well, it certainly has been a very very very long time since I posted and I've decided to remove this blog. I'm not into Stardoll anymore (I can't even believe it myself). I thought about for a while now for the past month and one of our writers, Ultravioletblu, has been the only one posting which is very kind of her ^_^ So I'd like to say a very big Thank You (:

I couldn't believe that one day I would actually leave Stardoll cause I use to go on it everyday and thought that the people who left Stardoll are mad but now I know what they mean now (: Well, thank you so much everyone, especially Maura who took me in and taught me everything, and all the friends I've made over Stardoll. You guys have been very lovely and you've taught me alot of things and have also shaped me to the person I am now. I'm gonna miss you guys so much :') Thanks for entering the competitions that we used to have and commenting and being supportive and just being everything amazing. 

I will be deleting this blog in 1 week (22nd April) and if you still would like to be in contact with me I've started a new blog not on Blogspot but on my Tumblr! It's not Stardoll based obviously but it is about Fashion and clothes that I post can be bought online etc. However,  I won't be deleting my Stardoll account so you can pop in and say hi as I'll be checking it once in a blue moon  (:

Until next time...

NessisaMess/ Vanessa :')


Lady in white - Starcoin outfit

Here's the starcoin outfit of the day. It's a 'lady in white' outfit. I did use two pearl capes, but you can use just one to save money.



Starcoin outfit of the day

Here's the starcoin outfit of the day. It's a rebellious schoolgirl outfit.



Stardoll Academy Task 2 - New Classes

Here's how to complete task 2!



Yearbook - Task 01

Begin by clicking the enroll button.

Press OK

Here is the task menu, it'll show you what you need to do in order to pass the task. First, go to the Beauty Parlor

Now choose a new hairstyle, then click save

You need to items to complete this task (either of make-up or jewelry). Place them on your medoll, then clik save

Open the camera, click take photo, then choose to save it to your Yearbook

You have completed the first task. You'll receive 30 Starcoins, 2 Starpoints and a free purple skirt. Click finish project.

Task 2 is coming.


As we all know, a new feature has been added to stardoll called 'The Stardoll Academy', where members have to complete stages in their yearbook to pass. If you would like more info, click here.

I'll be doing a tutorial on how to pass the stages. I'll do as many tasks as I can, but I'll post them individually so you can search the blog to find the post instead of having to go through a long post.



Apologies All :(

Hey Guys :)
I know it's been too long and I want to apologize for my lack of frequenting this blog! I've had a really busy school year so far so I didn't exactly have time guys ... Sorry ! I am gonna say right now, I won't exactly be posting regularly, but I will when I can !
   Thanks for your time,
lovehopejedward xox


Holiday outfit Dec 10th

Hey guys. I kinda cheated on this, but a previous maura-stardoll writer made a christmas outfit post. Here is the video, hope you check it out:



Holiday Outfit 9th Dec

I'm back with today's holiday outfit. It's a ballerina inspired look.



Holiday Outfit - Dec 8th

This is the first outfit in my Holiday series collection.

It's a simple red and white ensemble suitable for a cosy Christmas suite for your medoll.

The shoes are from Perfect Day, but the store was taken down and the label on the clothes remains, you can find the shoes on the last floors of VOILE (VOILE Bridal).


Apologies, everyone

The title says it all...

I would like to apologise for my lack of posting on Maura-Stardoll. I have no excuse for missing weekly posts.

And so, to say sorry, I will be posting a daily holiday outfit (in starcoins) on the blog.

What do you say?

If you'd like to request an outfit with a particular item just post it in the comments.



Free Elf, Wings and Mask

Free Elf and wings(from Rise of the Guardians)

Go to the CHAT page http://www.stardoll.com/en/party-chat/

Set the country as the Russian Federation

Join a party with these backgrounds:

You'll find the elf and the wings in your suite instantly.

Free Mask

If you live in Spain, just log on.

If not, go to any Spanish proxy, like:

Type Stardoll.com into the address bar and log on.

You'll find it in your beauty parlor instantly.



Where did the menu bar go?

Stardoll has brought down the menu bar from the top of the screen to the bottom and has added the search friends function and language settings to the page menu

Click to enlarge

I like that the broadcasts don't annoy me any more, but it was easier chatting from the top bar.

What do you think of these new changes?


TRANSFORM hair collection

Stardoll has released a Transform hair collection in Tress-up. It is only one floor, here's a pic:

(click to enlarge)

The hair styles don't look too bad, but they look like they have been made in the Stardesign salon.

The prices are like usual between 10 and 12 SD, which is a reasonable price.

In total 6 wigs have been released, however I think another hair style was supposed to be there too because there is a glitch in the Starplaza.

What do you think this could be?

Do you like the new Tress-up hair styles?